Bongongo lifts average $3591

Bulls sold to a top of $16,500 and averaged $9891 at the Graham families annual Bongongo Angus sale, Coolac.

Molasses ‘new normal’ – short supply, high demand

Producers urged to think about mitigating exposure to rising molasses market

McDonalds Angus verification ends

The verification services will be terminated by McDonalds on September 30.

Bison cross go under the hammer

What do you get when you cross a bison bull with an Angus?

Race is on for restockers

Very few restocker cattle yarded in southern and central prime sales.

New stud pays Powerhouse price at Rockingham

Rockingham Santas cleared all bulls for a very healthy average.

Restockers keep upward pressure on cattle prices

Season and supply point to ongoing strong market but analysts are more bearish.

Living the beef sustainability story

Mark Davie to joined beef sustainability framework steering group

Global scientists use ‘genomic time travel’ to improve cattle

New genetic markers in African cattle associated with valued traits

Digital fencing put to work to help reef

ESheperd secures ‘systems change’ grant

New genetic traits in African cattle revealed

Genetic traits enabling African cattle to survive blistering heat, drought and advancing diseases have been revealed.

Yass yearling steers to $1630

Weaner steers, under 200kg, averaged 640c/kg.

Indonesian feedlots squeezed but boxed beef steady

Update of bilateral trade in live cattle and beef to Indo during pandemic

Pearl Jam a favourite at Bulliac Angus sale

The Bulliac Angus sale saw 59 of 78 bulls sell for a $6050 average.

North Star steers hit a sky high 705c/kg top

The weight for age, quality and large number offered made this a rare line worthy of the price.

North Star steers hit a sky high 705c/kg

The weight for age, quality and large number offered made this a rare line worthy of the price.

Ranger plan for the Territory mapped out

Service-funded, 16-strong Territory Livestock Ranger group in the making.

Frankenstein food versus happy cattle: how will the cookie crumble?

Livestock industry urged to build on its considerable strengths

Big ‘middle ground’ on live-ex opens doors

New research shows live export is more than a single issue

Cows serial killing koalas: there are witness statements

Researcher looks to strategies to protect vulnerable koalas from bovine threats.

Wodonga heifers make $1795

Wodonga light steers make close to $7 per kilogram.

Ag’s reliance on equity to manage risk will be slow to change: Keogh

Farming twice as risky as other sectors, research shows

Generations united in goals

Grandfather and grandson team work on transitioning their cattle enterprise.

Protocol makes $30,000 for Woonallee N Simmentals

The bull that sparked the idea for the Woonallee N Simmental collaboration between South Australia’s Tom and Lizzie Baker and Nobbs Cattle Co’s Brett Nobbs helped deliver an outstanding result at the venture’s second Queensland sale at Inverrio, Duaringa this week.

Females fire to $3400/hd at Gunnedah

A large buyer’s gallery was craving the opportunity to restock as the season continues to fire.

Females fire to $3400/head at Gunnedah

A large buyer’s gallery was craving the opportunity to restock as the season continues to fire.

Turning point for pastures

Decisions will be paddock-by-paddock and tied in with rebuilding

Cattle producers not adequately represented

CPA boss says industry must embrace common sense change.

Cutting through the hype of smart tags

Cut through the hype of smart tags and understand exactly how producers can make money from the devices.

2021 Zanda McDonald Award shortlist announced

Two winners – one from each side of the Tasman – to be crowned this year.

Dangarfield Sanats sell to $29,000

The Adams family averaged $10,196 for classified bulls, to result in a $9197 overall average.

Dangarfield Santas sell to $29,000

The Adams family averaged $10,196 for classified bulls, to result in a $9197 overall average.

Waiting to lift the weight

No matter which region cattle producers are in, putting weight on steers is the profitable way ahead.

Medicated blocks have cattle emissions licked

Molasses-based medicated lick block as showing promise as a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.

Red Angus bull sale with a twist

A group of 11 vendors are taking a different approach to a multi-vendor sale.

Maitland cows with calves sell to $3000

The market was strong for the quality lines of pregnancy-tested-in-calf females yarded.

Understocked paddocks keep cattle prices strong

Hints the herd rebuild is kicking along are also there.

Weaner steers top Dubbo at $1370

Weaner steers sold up to $1370.

Beef now penetrating Chinese home cooking: Rabobank

Swine fever’s legacy on protein markets an opportunity for beef

Keep pasture growth under control, cattle producers told

Producers urged to look at crash grazing, conserving feed and resting paddocks.

Goolagong pays $65,000 for outcross Santa sire in Qld

At the record-breaking Qld bull sale last week where a Santa Gertrudis bull made a new national breed high of $126,000, Goolagong stud, Warnertown, was also making headlines as both a buyer and seller.

Don Mackay on sustainability: Why we talk to everyone

“It’s dangerous to presume we’ll continue to have the support of the quiet majority.”

The Grove’s top sire off to South Australia

A South Australian stud breeder secured the top priced bull at The Grove Shorthorn bull sale for $31,500.

Full clearance, $7346 average for Weebollabolla shorthorns

It was a 100 per cent clearance for Webollabolla Shorthorns at Moree on Friday.

Boosting longevity in the herd at Marobee

Santa Gertrudis genetics are adding carcase quality, hardiness and longevity in Charlie and Lou Clemson’s herd.

Tamworth heifers to $1680

Steers reached a top of $1470 at Tamworth store sale last Friday.

Grafton steer $1957

Strong bidding was the theme at Grafton store sale on Thursday with prices back a bit but not my much.

Grafton hits $2580

Strong bidding was the theme at Grafton store sale on Thursday with prices back a bit but not my much.

Grafton steers to $1957

Strong bidding was the theme at Grafton store sale on Thursday with prices back a bit but not my much.

Irelands Angus gets loyal support

A loyal gallery of buyers saw the Irelands Angus sale clear 39 of 46 and average $5269

Market forces calf focus

Cattle are the icing on the cake for Cleary Bros.

Vets and observers in short supply for live-ex voyages

Lack of flight seats home leaves vet stranded for months.

Live-ex trade wants reduced density changes shelved

New ASEL rules due in November will be costly and aren’t needed, trade says

Young lot feeder finalists announced

Beef’s future leaders vye for prestigious title.

Rapid rise to NSW restocker rates

Restocking requires extra deep pockets this spring as quality livestock remain in limited supply.

Spence’s Show Steers impresses with carcase competition victory

Spence’s Show Steers was a force to be reckoned in this year’s RA&HS’ steer carcase competition, winning a swathe of ribbons and also taking out the grand champion carcase award.

Scramble for heifers, young cattle keeps store market solid

Producer ‘hold or sell’ decisions have never been so tough

National Braford Sale to $42,500 high

The National Braford Sale averaged $10,678 at CQLX on Monday.

Swine fever opens different doors for US and Australia

ICMJ tour shows different opportunities emerging for US and Australian livestock producers in China

Mt Gambier steers hold firm despite winter woes

Prices held up well and were firm to stronger over all classes at last Friday’s Mount Gambier store sale.

Fungi leather about to hit the market

Will it appeal to consumers more than synthetic leather alternatives?

Ramping up battle against pasture dieback

Six new projects set to address the destructive pasture condition.

Queenslanders snap up huge chunk of Dalkeith draft

Birdsville-based clients bought up in a big way.

Carcoar cows with calves sell to $3025

Agents estimated the young cattle were $50 to $70 a head dearer.

Pushing back on red tape and fake claims in beef

Everyone wants a strong united voice for beef but what does that look like?

Western Downs Santa sale tops at $20,000

An SA stud was among the top prices received at the fourth annual Western Downs Santa sale in Qld on Friday.

Improving calving in heifers

Wagyus are a good fit in the high quality Angus production at Burindi Station, Barraba.

Crawford Angus bulls sell for $22,500 top

New records set for the Tumorrama stud.

Palgrove records whopping $18,644 sale average

Palgrove clears 149 Charolais and Ultrablack bulls, setting new records along the way.

Coonabarabran weaner steers hit 629.78c/kg

The special store and feeder sale on FarmGate Auctions achieved a 100 per cent clearance and strong prices across all categories.

How did the market respond to COVID-19?

The updated saleyards data offers some key insights into the initial market responses to coronavirus.

More processor job loss pain likely

Market conditions, not JobKeeper, to blame, says Ag Minister

Inverell steers to $1654

The September store sale at Inverell maintained strong prices for steers and heifers with restocker competition intense for females going back to the paddock.

Live updates from the Palgrove sale

Palgrove are set to offer 102 Charolais bulls and 60 Ultrablack sires from 12pm.

Grass helps heavy cows bring big returns

A 1000kg Charolais stud cow sells for $3112 at Carcoar

Ayr Park tops at $10,500 to Double A

Murray Grey bulls top at $10,500, females top at $5000. Angus bulls top at $7500.

Ayr Park tops at $10,500 to Double A Cattle Company

Murray Grey bulls top at $10,500, females top at $5000. Angus bulls top at $7500.

Wodonga steers to $1865

Online bidders push prices up at Wodonga.

Record-breaking Queenslander makes $110,000

Waco Q384 (PS) set a Santa Gertrudis breed record when he entered the ring.

JBS Dinmore lays off 600 workers

Cattle shortage exacerbated by JobKeeper inequities, JBS claims

Brazil, US cut Australia’s grass in key beef markets

Concerns emerge for lost market share as beef exports dip

Beef already making carbon-neutral in-roads

Cattle Council CEO writes this week’s Pasture Picking column.

From six-week-old weaners to $40,000 top sellers

Ben Nevis Angus sale brings sweet reward after years of droughts.

The cattle feeder that calls stock

One of its most important features is an audio alert that notifies livestock when it’s feeding time.

What Costco and UK free trade talks have in common when it comes to beef

How sustainability is manifesting itself in Australia’s red meat business

Horns now genetic condition in Angus

Recent DNA testing found a small percentage of Angus seedstock animals are carrying the horned allele.

Gen Z not swallowing lab-grown meat’s environment claims

Fake meat juggernaut hits consumer sentiment roadblock.

Recognising our young auctioneers’ achievement | Photos

The ALPA NSW Young Auctioneers Competition order of selling was a low-key gathering this year in Dubbo.

Seaweed stockfeed venture grows in SA

Seaweed grown in waters off Kangaroo Island reduce cow burps and farts around the globe.

Beef watching for protectionism and food security Covid flow-ons

Red meat trade expert Tim Ryan on Covid’s good and bad stories.

Beef watching for protectionism and food security COVID-19 flow-ons

Red meat trade expert Tim Ryan on COVID-19’s good and bad stories.

Karoo Angus average $9964

Bulls sold to a top of $20,000 and averaged $9964 at Karoo Angus sale near Bathurst on Friday.

Wodonga steers to $1940

A feature line of Charolais topped at $1530.

Reiland spring sale hits stud high

Beef producers chasing easy calving high growth bulls paid to a top of $31,000.

Dung beetle count shows benefits

A SMALL addition could be bringing big benefits to the state’s soil, with a multiple year project under way in the South East to measure the impacts of dung beetles.

Yulgilbar Santa Gertrudis to $45,000

A full clearance of Santa Gertrudis bulls at Yulgilbar thanks to Queensland graziers who pushed the top price to $45,000

Minnamurra breaks Australasian Speckle Park record

Plunderer set the sale high of $40,000 near Coolah on Friday.

NZ suspends live cattle exports as search continues for missing ship

Second survivor found; attention turns to future of the trade

Meeting a niche market

Wagyu bulls are allowing the Montgomery family to meet a niche market while improving calving ease.

Young Australian vet missing with typhoon live-ex ship

More than 40 crew and nearly 6000 head of cattle on board capsized vessel

Big Dave hits Elite high

Elite Herefords clears 32/33 bulls at the hammer

Millah Murrah averages $20,384, setting new Angus record

The Thompson family of Millah Murrah Angus clears 78 bulls for a $60,000 top and new Australian Angus record average of $20,384.

Hazeldean bulls sell for $22,000 top

The Cooma stud ended their bull selling season on a high.

Inverell agent claims top young auctioneer prize

It was third time lucky for Ben McMahon who has won the ALPA NSW Young Auctioneers Competition in Dubbo today.

Milwillah bulls average $16,599

It was the second highest Angus bull sale average of the season.

Calls for beef to ‘ditch China’ are simplistic

Why red meat exporters can’t ‘pick friends and favourites’

Live-export ship missing off Japanese coast after typhoon

At least one Australian was on board.

Beef cattle on show at Glen Innes

CATTLE enthusiasts will be on show for the Colin Say and Company Led Beef Extravaganza.

Hicks Beef Composites to $19,000

Composite bulls sell to $19,000 at Hicks Beef.

Kenny’s Creek Angus to $22,000 and $9206 average

All but one bull sold at Kenny’s Creek Angus, Boorowa, for a $22,000 top and $9206 average.

Trade cattle market bounces

Wagga Wagga’s yarding almost tripled.

Gunnedah Saleyards redevelopment funded to tune of $17.5M

The major upgrade of the facility can go ahead after Tuesday’s announcement.

NSW auctioneers hit the world stage

Watch all the action via our livestream.

Indo demand for live cattle at a crossroads

High cost of feeders offsetting trade deal benefits but live-ex prices hold up.

Red Meat & Wool Growth program to help producers build skills

SA’s red meat and wool sector is a major economic contributor to the state’s economy, generating $2.4 billion annually. But the $7.5-million Red Meat and Wool Growth Program is hoping to grow this further.

Mudgee’s Marion shares in Santa steers

The two-tooth Santa steers were auctioned at Gunnedah this morning.

Beef needs a full time fact checking unit

Jacqueline Curley on the three-pronged attack on beef at Agforce webinar

Heifers run hot at world’s largest Speckle Park sale

The catalogue represented 12 years of clinical selection and breeding.

Average up at Southern Cross Limo sale

Stud and commercial cattleman showed their interest in the offering.

Burbong best set for Angus stud home

Burbong Angus reached $9500 and averaged $5955.

How Australia’s definition of ‘forest’ has cheated beef producers

Agforce webinar hears from Josie Angus on playing by the same rule book

Yass weaner steers top at $1650

A smaller yarding at Yass but prices remain firm.

Yass weaner steers top at $1615

A smaller yarding at Yass, with 785 cattle in the draft.

Bannaby Angus bulls top at $20,000

Buyers chase heifers bulls at Bannaby Angus’ Bull Sale, and push the average to $9222 in the process.

Bannaby tops at $20,000

Buyers chase heifers bulls at Bannaby Angus’ Bull Sale, and push the average to $9222 in the process.

Targeting breeder efficiency in northern beef

Research partnership targets calf loss, low profitability and adoption

Three bulls hit a $9500 high at Choice Angus

Full clearance of 47 yearling bulls at 4th annual Choice Angus bull sale, Molong, yesterday.

Dunoon P758 rockets to $140,000

The price was a new season high.

Royalla Shorthorn bull tops sale at$36,000

Shorthorn breeders from five states purchased bull, females and genetics at the Job family’s Royalla Shorthorn stud sale, Yeoval on Friday.

Futurity claims stud high for a yearling bull

Futurity Shorthorns cracker sale tops at $40,000

Kunuma Angus top at $15,000

Local Monaro support saw stud high prices at Kunuma.

Temana Charolais clears all

Temana Charolais tops at $8000 twice

Loyal support brings $7445 average at Ironbark

A large portion of the buyers were repeat.

Cosmetics and contraception – finding new uses for goat byproducts

What do condoms, pet food and skin care have in common?

China slaps suspension on another Australian beef processor

John Dee Warwick in Queensland latest in line to be blacklisted from China.

Elstow Charolais top at $10,000 Av $5023

Elstow Charolais top at $10,000 Av $5023

Scientists find links between cattle temperament and autism

UQ research finds overlaps with cattle and genes in human behaviour

Rennylea achieve $12,509 average

The stud sold all 157 bulls offered at auction.

Talbalba Hereford sale tops $100,000

Bulls sold to an incredible $100,000 at Steve and Deb Reid’s red hot Talbalba Hereford bull sale at Millmerran.

The things wrong with the methane conversation

Cattle on grazing lands critical for carbon sequestration: McCosker

Gilmandyke reaches new records

Full clearance of 59 Angus bulls, and 123 commercial PTIC Angus heifers today at Gilmandyke Angus, Kangaroobie, Orange.

Around the sales as price records are smashed

As the cattle market heats up, check out who was snapped at store and prime sales across NSW.

Beef has its finger in the podcast pie

Livestock podcasts share info and give those on the land a voice

Beef sets the record straight on land clearing

ABC program under fire for outdated figures.

Heifers hold their own

Strong competition for heifers keep values high.

Ardrossan Angus average $8726

The Upper Murray stud sold 97 bulls at auction.

Bids fly high for Yamburgan Kookaburra son

The draft were set for new homes across the country.

Roma heifer prices continue to climb

Injune’s Shaw family has been breaking records at the Roma saleyards for a number of years, and they did it again on Tuesday.

Preparation could bolster joining results

When calving down two-year-old heifers it is critical to consider the weight of the females at joining.

Sky-high cattle prices smash records

The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator smashed through the record books last week and continued that trend early this week to sit at 780.25c/kg.

Yearlings in hot demand at Glenmorgan Angus

It was the Morgan family’s best ever sale result.

Race to rebuild sends cattle market skyward

EYCI’s week of setting new records

OBE Organic’s mental health journey

Beef company leads the way on raising mental health awareness.

Global precision livestock outfit eyes off Australia’s grainfed forecasts

Vytelle, Growsafe combine, launch new program for feedlots.

Turanville top heading to King Island

The bulls will be heading to Glen Innes in the north and as far as Tasmania in the south.

How will producers find their next top stock?

Travel restrictions halt finding the next sire or dam for some producers.

Curtain closes on Kilburnie Angus stud

Bulls were in hot demand, averaging $11,263.

Global animal welfare lessons in the spotlight

Big variance in how consumers perceive animal welfare, says Nuffield scholar

Don’t panic buy heifer bulls

Red hot demand for heifer bulls this year – but think long-term

Expo winners forced to halt US study tour

WINNERS of the Senior Champion Herdsman accolade at the SA Junior Heifer Expo each year have always enjoyed their three-month scholarship to North America, seeing the overseas venture as an opportunity for new learning experiences and networking.

High performance Hereford and Shorthorn cross paying dividends in the south west

High performance Hereford and Shorthorn cross paying dividends in the south west.

It’s all about the journey for Jason

Elders’ Jason Pearce is lending a hand to up-and-coming young auctioneers.

Kenmere Charolais sell to $16,500

Stud high top price reached in first ever spring sale.

Warragundi Poll Herefords hit $10,000 high

The Kelley family were very pleased to clear 24 of their 29 bulls.

Lockdown’s upshot for bush health

Farmers still wait too long before seeking help, webinar hears.

Coolie Angus capitalise on cattle market

Coolie Angus clears 100 percent of bulls on offer

Organic meat in prime spot to meet post-pandemic consumer demands

Safe and natural food will be the catch-cry post COVID, organic sector says

Joining forces to meet hot demand for protein

Forum launched bringing together livestock, plant and alternative proteins

How feeding improves breeding

Cows need to have the energy reserves to feed a calf, and enough left over to again cycle and conceive.

Coffin Creek Angus’ record sale

Coffin Creek enjoyed one of their best sales yet.

Young auctioneers primed for sale in Dubbo

Some of the brightest up-and-coming agents will hit the spotlight next month when ALPA holds its annual NSW Young Auctioneers Competition.

Cattle sale home bidding ramps up

What’s unique about this dearer market is that it’s been under the shadow of saleyard visitor restrictions due to COVID-19 precautions.

Hazeldean Angus averages $10,000

Hazeldean Angus clears 100 percent

Harvest and store for successful silage

Making silage is quite unique in that there are many options for harvesting and many options for storage.

Oh My Goodness: Watasanta bull hits $64,000

The Tamworth sale was a record result for the Watson family.

How COVID is morphing beef purchases

Growing momentum for sustainability credentials.

Benelkay Santas show resilience

Repeat buyers push Benelkay Santa Gertrudis to $12,000 top.

Mount Gambier steers peak at $1900

All classes of cattle sold firm to dearer at Mount Gambier on Friday.

Is the race to marble creating less feed efficient cattle?

Research had indicated there is a negative genetic correlation between eating quality and yield.

Farmers pay it forward on big legal battles

Australian Farmers’ Fighting Fund at a pivotal point.

Maitland cows hit a $3000 top price

Some categories of stock were about $100 a head dearer than recent sales.

One-on-one bushfire recovery help extended

Free sessions with consultants continues until end of year.

Carcoar light heifers to $1675

The market trend was as much as $80 to $120 dearer than last month.

Walcha crossbreds perform at export weights

Neil Dunn of Wirraway, Walcha, uses crossbreds to increase daily weight gains in his grass-fed operation.

Total auction clearance of DSK Angus and Charolais

Strong support from returning established clients and new buyers from NSW and Queensland bought every lot in a total auction clearance at DSK Angus and Charolais stud sale, Coonabarabran.

Total clearance at DSK Angus and Charolais

There was strong support from returning established clients and new buyers.

Focus on productive females

Shorthorns have been part of the landscape at Tareela, Burren Junction, since 1898.

Red hot profit option as Condobolin family breeds cattle herd back into production

Stuckey family is re-building its Shorthorn herd after several years of drought.

Princeton tops Waitara Angus sale at $26,000

An exceptional result for Steve and Amity Chase at their 14th on-property Waitara Angus stud sale, Trangie where 30 bulls sold up to $26,000 and averaged $9700.

Wakefield sells all but one bull

Wakefield Charolais and Angus sells to a top of $12,000 and $8000

Wakefield clear all Charolais at sale

The Frizzell family celebrated their 160th year of breeding cattle.

Hazeldean Angus average record $9103 in north

Bulls were dispersed as far north as Richmond and south into Victoria.

Booroomooka Angus gross $2.298 million

Border restrictions couldn’t halt the success of the large scale Angus sale.

Genomic tests to enhance Shorthorn selection

Shorthorn Beef members now have access to a suite of breed-specific genomic tests through Australia’s leading DNA testing service, Neogen.

National interest in King Creek Limousin sale

The online only sale attracted registered bidders from around the country.

Vegetarians are really flexitarians, consumer insights reveal

Consumer insight work shows 39pc of people who see themselves as vegetarian still eat meat.

Grass fed demand drive

Timely rain and a lack of supply keeps driving prime cattle competition across the state.

Commercial clients push Eaglehawk average to $10,202

It was the Vivers family’s best sale result yet.

Maximising nutrition pre-calving, pre-joining

The supply of nutrients to cows needs to be carefully managed in both the pre-calving and pre-joining stages.

Weight gain advantage from single BRD vaccination at induction

Production boost shown in BRD vaccination trial

What Qld border closure means for agriculture

Essential agriculture has been dealt a blow with COVID-19 border closures.

Bridgewater Angus’ $10k top

Sons of VAR Discovery 2240 and heifers bulls in demand at Bridgewater Angus, Myola, Black Mountain, on Thursday.

Time critical when wilting silage

The effect of wilting silage on livestock production

Te Mania average $10,604 in the north

Te Mania Northern sale well supported both on site and online.

Why producers are paying $4000 for commercial females

The push to upgrade female genetics has been expensive.

Holy cow, she had how many calves?

How many calves can a cow have in her lifetime?

New live export animal welfare investigation underway

Animals Australia files complaint to Department of Ag, with footage

Tight supply versus lockdowns to drive cattle prices

EYCI edges towards another record but few are predicting it will get there

Pentire Angus bulls top at $12,000 – heifers to $4250 in total auction clearance

Pentire Angus studmaster Justin Richards felt humbled by the interest and result of his 8th annual bull and heifer sale at Singleton last Saturday.

Matching beef yields and consumer expectations

New collaboration called BeefLinks aims to drive integrated research and practice change in WA

Pentire Angus bulls top at $12,000

Pentire Angus studmaster Justin Richards felt humbled by the interest and result.

Monster bull hits $20,000 at Yalgoo

Gumboots were essential at the muddy Walcha property.

Verifying the way cattle are fed to hit premium markets

Innovative new way to authenticate origin of grassfed and grainfed.

Wagyu’s science taste test

A flavour wheel provides product descriptors to differentiate the different wagyu cuts and marbling grades.

AACo rolls out the Wagyu flavour wheel

AACo and The University of Queensland have developed a ‘flavour wheel’ for premium Westholme Wagyu beef.

Improving herd, carcases with genetics

James Crawford is turning off consistent lines of steers each year,.

Easy doing, moderate cattle

Easy doing, functional cattle are allowing Austin McLennan to meet a range of markets.

Data key to ensure right carcase specs

Following cattle through the supply chain

Limousin demand and clearance strong at Scone

Ten Limousin breeders enjoyed their best sale with the best results.

Ekka 2020: Palgrove wins Paddock to Palate | Photos

Palgrove has again come up trumps in the Royal Queensland Show’s prestigious JBS Paddock to Palate competition.

Palgrove wins Paddock to Palate for third time running

Palgrove has again come up trumps in the Royal Queensland Show’s prestigious JBS Paddock to Palate competition.

Kansas Angus tops at $10,000

Kansas Angus sold 19 of 22 bulls on offer

Liquid gold galore at Clunie Range sale

It poured rain and big prices near Coolatai on Friday.

Yarrawonga claims Ekka prime beef title

Yarrawonga Cattle Company has been awarded the 2020 Ekka prime beef grand champion pen.

US beef: Competitor, customer but most of all ally

NCBA’s Marty Smith on fake meat and coronavirus at Queensland Rural Press Club

Marbling key at Molong

Marbling is a high priority for Angus breeder and meat exporter Tim Sullivan.

Ekka led steers carcases top $20/kg

The Breakfast Creek Hotel has paid an impressive $20/kg for the Evans family’s grand champion led steer carcase.

Ekka led steer carcases top $20/kg

The Breakfast Creek Hotel has paid an impressive $20/kg for the Evans family’s grand champion led steer carcase.

Independent chair to lead live export research

Final steps of major live export review sees new chair appointed.

Angus Reserve forges inroads for premium Australian beef

Award-winning black Angus brand a hit with Costco

Tivoli bull sale

Tivoli Angus clears almost all bulls

Tivoli bull sale hits $13,000 top

Prices shower down on Tivoli Angus.

Multi-breed beef evaluation in the pipeline

Southern Multi-breed Program calving underway, Graham Centre Livestock Forum hears.

Heavy steers at Wodonga sell to $1920

COVID-19 restrictions at NVLX Wodonga didn’t deter the regular store sale where values were firm on current sales.

Green shoots emerge in hide story

Latest prices report a horror show but there have been orders in last few weeks.

Vealer rates rise up to 10c/kg, ‘market strong’

Market strong for vealers, mob goes $1442 a head

What is hindering dairy bred beef in Australia?

Research looks at barriers to rearing bobby calves for beef.

Jessica shares AACo’s vision but still not a shareholder, yet

Unusual for a board director, AACo’s Jessica Rudd still hasn’t bought shares in the company after three years

Record number of cattle hit MSA grade

Latest figures show 46pc of the national adult cattle slaughter graded MSA.

Why farming families dread bull photography day

If you are a bush kid reading this you’re probably still psychologically scarred.

Opinion: Why farming families dread bull photography day

If you are a bush kid reading this you’re probably still psychologically scarred.

Limousin delivers champion Ekka led steer carcase | Photos

A Limousin led steer has produced champion carcase of the 2020 Royal Queensland Show.

Heifer bulls in demand at Eastern Plains

Local and repeat clients supported the sale strongly.

Extracting more value from cull cows

Study looks into economics of feeding culls cows

Teys forges new carcase measuring frontiers

Journey towards commercial application of eating quality grading technology not straightforward

Cattle on feed remain above the million mark

High quality grainfed beef demand remains.

Logistics the key to keeping beef on shelves

Plenty of beef, and processing capacity, but how quickly can supply chains pivot?

Online market leaders speculate on the year ahead

A Wagga Wagga agency has claimed the top AuctionsPlus throughput award for 2019-2020.

Best ever sale result for Bald Blair

It was the highest price and best average the stud had received.

Older cows’ time to shine

Reduced national herd sees buyers reconsider older cows.

Logistics the key to keeping beef on Victorian shelves

Plenty of beef, and processing capacity, but how quickly can supply chains pivot.

Containment feeding proves its worth beyond drought

Graham Centre livestock forum: Curry and Old Cobran lessons on containment lots

Profit a big drawcard at Sara Park Angus

The consistency of the lineup meant little separated the draft.

Knowla Livestock’s packing a $30,000 punch

With confidence in agriculture at an all-time high, the Laurie family from Knowla Livestock are ‘riding on top of the wave’ after their annual bull sale near Gloucester on Friday.

Gates shut for some at saleyards, again

What you need to know before you head to NSW livestock sales this week.

Japan a solid rock for Aussie beef exports

Australia’s reputation paying off as global beef markets navigate ongoing turmoil.

Roads the way out for NT economy, say cattlemen

NTCA releases $535m road funding wish list

Sugarloaf Angus makes Payweight

Sugarloaf Angus clears all bulls

Minnie-Vale sells all bulls

Minnie-Vale sells to a top of $11,000 four times

Minnie-Vale clears all bulls

Minnie-Vale sells to a top of $11,000 four times

Quality weaner steers at Yass sale sell for $1675

Mixed quality yarding at SELX Yass was reflected in the prices paid.

Why beef producers should listen to vegan opinions

Graham Centre livestock forum: researcher delves into shared values with vegans.

Tamworth Spring Fling sells to $10,000

Shorthorn bulls sold throughout NSW at the Spring Fling sale

Texas Powerplay P613 hits $108,000 top

The Mayne family of Texas Angus cleared all 155 bulls at auction.

Sophisticated approach needed to deal with anti-meat agenda

Opinion Editorial: Alison Penfold on why ridiculing the UN is not the way to go

UN removes anti-meat tweet

Littleproud heralds apparent backdown on ‘misleading’ tweet.

Are you an innovative thinker?

The ALPA ACM Agency Award has highlighted a swagful of innovative marketing programs which may have otherwise gone unrecognised.

How one beef brand has defied COVID

Blackmore Wagyu has new customers coming online, despite supplying a sector hit hard by COVID

Thirst for market insight as uncertainty reigns

New market insight businesses and products popping up.

Trial boosts opportunities for entrants

Continuing to grow in popularity the NSW Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial is back again for 2021 with new features added to the schedule.

Venturon embryos raise awareness of Black Dog Ride

Embryo packages from the 2020 Black Dog Ride donation heifer Venturon Clementine 11 will be up for grabs in August with all proceeds raised going back to the mental health charity.

Live cattle exports remain robust

Dip in volumes to Indonesia picked up by other markets

Tummel hits $6500 top at open day sale

Chis Lisle of Tummel Herefords, Lochaber, Walcha, 15 of the 19 bulls on offer were sold to a top of $6500 and $5500 average, during the July 21 sale.

Herd rebuild delayed as female turnoff continues

Revised higher slaughter in MLA’s July cattle projections

Reeding the ecosystem signs

From birds and insects to soils teeming with life and “new” plants in the pastures, the land appears to be returning to the way it was before European settlement.

Red hot bidding at icy Dulverton sale

It felt like -2C in the grandstand making bidding fast paced.

Live-ex class action kicks into top gear

Up to 300 litigants expected, with ‘feed-in’ businesses also involved

Deep dive into bushfire effects on cattle, sheep health

The effects of the 2019-2020 bushfire season on grazing stock are to be put under the microscope.

Timing, feed key to beef sale success

MAKING the most of a small block and a small herd of cattle can sometimes be about timing, as Walker Flat farmer Chris Bond has found.

Urban Angus sells to a $9000 top

Urban Angus clears 84 per cent to a top of $9000

MLA members urged to secure voting rights

“We want to ensure many producers are actively engaged in this important process.”

Yearling bulls perform for Harris Farms

Victorian Angus breeders Shane and Claire Harris have been using yearling bulls for many years.

US infection jump a threat to beef exports

However, burger chains are thriving – which offers upside to our grinding beef exports

Commerical cattlemen support Glen Innes Hereford sale

The weather was fresh but the top prices hit hot levels.

Commercial cattlemen support Glen Innes Hereford sale

The weather was fresh but the top prices hit hot levels.

Gloucester grown steers sell to $1700

Bowe and Lidbury agent Michael Easey said the market trend was firm during the Gloucester sale on Thursday

Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza cancelled

The Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza scheduled for late October has been cancelled, but will be replaced with a virtual junior judging competition and education program on October 23.

Selling strategies shift

AuctionsPlus has had some stellar highs in 2019-20.

No appeal in live-ex court case a ‘win for common sense’: Cattle Council

Producer, farmer organisations applaud Morrison Government decision

Studs team up to secure top Amos-Vale sire

New and repeat clients filled the stands near Glen Innes.

Truro sires find interstate stud homes

Bulls top at $7000 and averaged $5000, while females reached a top of $4000, three times, and averaged $3250.

Glenwarrah Hereford and Brooksby Angus pack the house

Glenwarrah Hereford and Brooksby Angus pack the house at their annual sale

Morrison Government will not appeal landmark live-ex court decision

Attorney General releases a statement saying the Government accepts the outcome in Brett Cattle Company case.

Producers beg PM: Let the live-ex court case ruling lie

Decision on an appeal to Brett Cattle Co live-ex court case expected in cabinet tonight

American trick to lifting cow herd fertility

Measuring the level of estrus activity could help improve pregnancy rates, while decreasing pregnancy loss, according to Texas A & M University assistant professor Ky Pohler.

Cutting-edge tech removing the need for inspectors in meat plants

Augmented reality proving a valuable tool in addressing virus challenges in meat processing.

Young cattle market treads water

Victorian slaughter dips by 20pc with processor closures.

Sire Shootout lands Limo bull sale

The event paid off for these WA entrants.

Investment in nutrition pays

Selecting bulls on structure, then focusing on nutrition is how Hunter Valley producers Max and Paula Hayne get their calves up to supermarket weights.

Saving a lot of time and effort

In between running a successful transport business and a 1.2 million litre per year dairy operation, Charlie and Tanya Denyer do not have a lot of time to spare for their Angus beef cattle herd.

Curracabark clears all bulls with stud record

Curracabark Angus and Hereford sell to a top of $22,000 with stud record averages

No panic stations as more southern meatworks close

Impact to consumers, producers likely to be contained – so far

Maitland breeding cows hit $2600

Bowe and Lidbury agent Michael Easey said the market was firm to slightly easier on a mixed quality offering.

Franco Herefords set $10,000 top

The sale held near Casino last Friday attracted a pleasing result.

Search on for new chair to lead RMAC

Don Mackay to step down in September.

Breeding a type able to handle all conditions

Maintaining a consistent type is key for the pure Angus herd based at Kippilaw, west of Goulburn, NSW.

Are bulls overweight this joining?

Bull fertility is one of the most important parts of a herd rebuild.

Female focus key at Dorrigo

Selecting bulls based on the maternal traits of calving ease, fertility and milk, is helping Paul and Nada Gibbons improve genetics.

How to take winning footage of your Steer Showdown entries|VIDEO

Naracoorte based stud breeder Jake Phillips says online judging competitions such as Stock Journal’s Steer Showdown are a great way for the “show to go on” in these COVID-19 times. He has shared some of his tips on how to take good photos and video footage of cattle.

Mountain Valley bulls top at $20,000

The Durkins were rewarded for persevering through the drought.

Quick growth achieved with high quality genetics, feed

Making nutrition a priority at an early stage and focusing on high quality genetics, means David Lonergan’s Angus cattle are thriving

Female quality key in national herd rebuild

Genetic selection is the foundation of a good herd, and those decisions will be even more important this year as beef breeders look to increase numbers following years of drought.

The value of a prime sexual athlete to beef herds

Bulls can be the missing link in herd fertility

Strong support at Tycolah Herefords sale

The Crowley family were rejoicing at the result.

Boosting female quality with every generation at Ardcheil

Focusing on maternal traits is allowing NSW weaner producers Rob Toole and Amanda Harris to improve genetics in their breeders.

Poll Hereford steer set to sell for charity

Fundraising and education combine during auction of charity steer.

Structure, type in focus

Angus bulls with strong maternal traits are in demand from stud and commercial producers, as the beef industry looks to increase numbers quickly.

Grafton steers sell to $1823

Very light British breeds sold for up to 586c/kg.

Bowen Angus averages $11,154

Bulls sold to Birdsville in Queensland, through to Tasmania.

High demand for Angus bulls

Demand for high quality genetics is strong as stud and commercial producers look to invest in their operations, in the first good season following years of drought.

Merawah Poll Hereford bulls hit $20,000

Merawah sale sold 43 bulls to $20,000 to average $8756.

Cascade achieves stud best sale result

Buyers from Birdsville in Queensland down to Tasmania were chasing bulls.

Stockyard Kiwami named Australia’s best beef

Stockyard has exhibited the best beef in Australia for the fifth year running.

Cattle market expected to soften

Restockers still in the hunt but volatility is growing

Mt Gambier steers break $2000 barrier

For the first time at Mount Gambier store market, prices broke through the $2000 barrier.

All buying needs met at Rayleigh sale

Youth members and bulk buyers filled their shopping lists.

Faces behind dung beetle breeding

Ever wondered how dung beetle populations are bred up?

Worldwide audience watches Aussie bulls

Sire Shootout was seen as one of ACM’s best livestock marketing opportunities.

Victoria will have red meat, processing sector promises

Covid cases in southern facilities will not lead to shortages of supermarket meat

Price is right for powerhouse Pilgrim

Palgrove CEO David Bondfield described the bull as a powerhouse.

Selling strategies shifted based on season outlook

KEYWYN Farms’ Darren Fiebiger started out as a dairyfarmer, but on the back of low milk prices and drought, he also entered into sheep and beef production in the past few decades, and more recently, has started re-evaluating his selling strategies annually depending on the season.

Nundle steers hit $1335 at Tamworth sale

The market remained consistent on past store sales.

Moving from cull cows to prime cuts

Extracting value from every kilogram of beef.

Carcoar cows sell to $3050

Supply slipped to 1366 head and the bulk of the yarding were Angus and Angus-cross.

Historical sized gallery sees Barana Simmental’s top at $16,000

Simmental bulls averaged $7322 while the Angus averaged $4666 with a top of $6000. Nine PTIC Simmental heifers averaged $7111 and purebred commercial cows averaged $3133 per head.

Historical sized gallery sees Barana Simmentals top at $16,000

Buyers filled the stands and flocked online.

Communication could hurt breed development

Taking stock coloum: breeds need to ensure communication within and between their societies.

Wodonga weaner steers to $1700

Border closure and restrictions meant it was an all-local affair.

Who will be named Sire Shootout champion?

Tune in from 7pm for the live judging.

Speckle Park takes most popular in Sire Shootout

Votes came in from across the world.

“Wow factor” bull wins Sire Shootout

His impressive dimensions caught the judge’s eye.

Queenslanders chase Hardigreen Park sires

The majority of the bidding action was from across the border.

How farm benchmarking drives successful decision making

Phil Holmes says benchmarking is a tool many managers of highly profitable agricultural businesses find invaluable in informing and evaluating their decision-making.

Robust cash cow market

Cows in the saleyards averaged 283c/kg across NSW in the past week.

Heart Angus achieve Power House sale result

All of the bulls were sold under the hammer to new and repeat clients.

Heart Angus achieve Power House sale result

All of the bulls were sold under the hammer to new and repeat clients.

Why beef must promote its massive benefits

The beef industry needs to stop apologising and start promoting itself for the massive benefits it already delivers.

COVID hits Vic meatworks

The production of JBS Australia’s Brooklyn plant, one of two Victorian abattoirs identified on Monday as having a coronavirus case, has not been affected.

Toby Doak: The hidden danger in feeds – mycotoxins

Managing dangerous mycotoxins is one of the big challenges of feeding cattle in either feedlots or paddocks.

Moyle remembered for grasping ag opportunities

South Australian agriculture has lost one of its visionary figures with the passing last week of respected cattleman Don Moyle at 91 years of age.

Moyle remembered for grasping ag opportunities

South Australian agriculture has lost one of its visionary figures with the passing last week of respected cattleman Don Moyle at 91 years of age.

‘Sustainability’ focus for Animal Sciences

The Australian Association of Animal Sciences is putting together an online webinar program which will have as its focal theme ‘sustainability’.

‘Sustainability’ focus for Animal Sciences

The Australian Association of Animal Sciences is putting together an online webinar program which will have as its focal theme ‘sustainability’.

Breeding back out of drought

Would you use your lifetime travel savings to rebuild your herd?

One-in-five head sold online

Around one in every five cattle and sheep offered at auction are sold via the AuctionsPlus platform and, the saleyards association believes that, five years from now, online bidding will part of normal sale days at half of Australia’s saleyards.

Hidden calving problem after drought

Many of the cows were poor in the early part of their pregnancy.

Hidden calving problem after drought

Many of the cows were poor in the early part of their pregnancy.

Mobile NVD offers new world for producers

Imagine ordering a truck and the whole supply chain receiving your NVD?

Capturing the atmosphere from Wagga cattle market

Photographer Emma Hillier captures the action from Wagga cattle sale.

Why Simmy bull was passed in at $47,500

The young sire had a $50,000 reserve.

Why Simmy bull was passed in at $47,500

The young sire had a $50,000 reserve.

Vote for your favorite in Sire Shootout

Who deserves to win the Sire Shootout title?

Inglebrae Farms hit $27,500 high

The Inglebrae Farms sale was standing room only.

Speckle Park hit new records in New Zealand

Maungahina stud, New Zealand, hit an equal Australasian record price of $35,000 today for a bull purchased by JAD Speckle Park, Yeoval.

New NVDs released | Video

New versions of the Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration have been released.

Rebuilding beef trade relationships

Cattle Council Australia CEO writes this week’s Pasture Pickings column

Booragul sale has the Leading Edge

Booragul Angus sells 63 bulls for an average of $7968 with the top price bull heading to Queensland

Australian beef less exposed to China volatility than competitors

China now the cornerstone of the global meat market

How small on-farm changes could lift dung beetle numbers

Dung beetles have a big role to play in farm systems.

Tariff safeguard on Australian beef to China triggered

Tariffs on Oz beef to China to more than double for rest of 2020.

NSW agency leads major private paddock sale

McCulloch Agencies have led a major private paddock sale of cattle.

Price, eat-at-home dominate post-COVID consumer trends

Sustainability likely taking a back step in beef consumer wants right now.

Organic Lake Nash herd bound for Terrick

Terrick Terrick Station at Blackall is the new home for 8000 Georgina Gold and Ultrablack females and 5500 organically certified calves from Lake Nash on the Barkly Tablelands.

Agent spotlight hits Dubbo

The ALPA NSW Young Auctioneers Competition will be held in Dubbo this year due to COVID-19.

Cockings scoop pool in new Charlton feedlot trial

Euroa Angus breeders Annette and Harold Cocking have dominated the placings in the inaugural Southern Grainfed Carcase Classic held at Teys Charlton.

Rebuilding after drought and paralysis ticks

In the thick of the drought they opted to buy trade cattle as a form of cash flow.

Walcha’s beloved church gets divine intervention

Many producers were sacrificing their own limited feed to support the fundraiser.

Cattle breeder faces court over alleged $2.5m fraud

Charges were laid following a year-long police strike force investigation.

Kindee weaners top 464c

NSW buyers keen to get young cattle onto oats crops dominated the Kindee weaners at Roma.

Cattle market corrects as numbers on offer lift

Analysts question how sustainable the high market is amid a global pandemic.

Consistent quality consignment shines for YP breeders

Yorke Peninsula Red Poll breeders Alan and Marilyn, Peter and Kristen Wilson have been staunch supporters of the Southern Grassfed Carcase Classic over its 12 year history but this year’s success has surpassed all other years.

Young photographers unleash creativity

Aspiring photographers from across Australia had the opportunity to submit their favourite images to an online Show Stopper photography competition hosted by Kloud Photography and Viable Ag Marketing.

Scene set for a big compensation bill in live-ex class action

Federal Government now has 28 days to make a decision on an appeal.

Sire Shootout draws top beef bulls

The Bos indicus class attracted 47 bulls alone.

Brett Cattle Co awarded $3m over live export ban

The Federal Government has 28 days to decide if they will appeal a decision to grant $3 million in damages to the lead plaintiff in the live export class action.

Tough times throughout the Monaro pushes stock onto agistment

Trucks flow out of the Monaro as producers seek agistment opportunities.

Consumers are king, beef sustainability proponents say

“The only ones we are pandering to are our customers.”

Claims beef sustainability work has gone too far

Benchmarks unviable for marginal producers, says scientist

Wodonga steers reach $1780

Charolais steers attract high prices.

Farrer Angus bulls climb to $10,500

The online-only helmsman auction was well up on last year.

‘Beef’s sustainability framework must engage producers’

The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework has been criticised for not properly engaging producers,

Beef Sustainability Framework update: more to be done to get producers on board

Update lists big achievements in beef’s sustainability credential work

Renewed interest in how beef is produced in the post-COVID world

Sustainability Framework: The figures all producers should be familiar with

Upper Mooki gets $660,000 for rehydration project

A innovative rehydration project that focuses on the soil profile to act like a sponge for water storage is creating plenty of interest in the Upper Mooki catchment.