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Type: Cattle
Breed: Mixed Breed
State: QLD
Sex: Mixed Sex

Monto Annual Store Cattle Show & Sale


Sale Description:

Monto Annual Store Cattle Show & Sale

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Business: 741661662
Mobile: 428780414

Sale Date & Time:
Application: Commercial
Sale Type: Store Sale

Livestock Condition: NA

Average Age: 8-36 Months
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4 days ago

Livestock Connect

Day 5 of Sheep Week: Two studs will open their doors on June 21 as part of day five of Sheep Week with Southdowns and Dohnes on display.

The event moves across the border into Victoria for one of the open studs on the fifth day of the event.


Finchams Burando Southdowns & Kelpies
Kardinia Dohne Merino Stud

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